“Open Source” Infinite Opportunities ICT Industry

open source software is an unlimited opportunity to develop the industry in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) in the country as well as human resources in the ICT sector. It was stated the Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring when giving a speech on “Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS)” which was attended by a number of open source experts from various countries in Jakarta,j (26/10).

According to Tifatul, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) was adopted and used the government not only because the natural business model for FOSS are free to use, free of his source code to be modified and distributed, but also because the independence offered by FOSS. For the government, FOSS also the Indonesian community shifted from software piracy problem (software) because it is free, while licensed software (proprietary) are often not affordable communities.

He states proudly that the software open-source code is growing very fast despite having had many obstacles in its implementation. The number of experts from various countries who are present and exchange experiences in this GCOS, he added, was expected to remove all obstacles in the implementation of FOSS in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Association of Open Source Indonesia (AOSI) Betti Alisjahbana can expect FOSS successfully implemented in Indonesia by strengthening the open source community.

“We hope that Indonesia can take maximum benefit from the growing FOSS in the world to Indonesia ICT progress and economic growth generally,” said Betti. According to him, since Indonesia Go Open Source (IGOS) declared on June 30, 2004 Indonesia has emerged as a leader in open source movement.

Some scholars and practitioners of ICT, especially the world of open source who attended the conference include: Sunil Abraham from India, Krich Nasingkun from Thailand, Muh Rosli bin Abd Razak of Malaysia, Hong Ko Eng from Sun Micro Systems, Ray Davies of IBM, Matthias Merkle from IntWEnt to Campbell O Webb from Harvard University.

In addition a number of open source experts also present such as Indonesia Onno W. Purbo, I Made Wiryana, also Indra Utoyo from Telkom, Dr Ashwini Sasongko from Depkominfo.
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